2021 – 12 horas Estoril: ERC Endurance Ducati ready for the next step

2021 – 12 horas Estoril: ERC Endurance Ducati ready for the next step

ERC Endurance Ducati is ready to tackle the 12 hours of Portugal at the Circuito do Estroil close to the country’s capital city Lisbon. Mathieu Gines, Louis Rossi and Etienne Masson will once more be on the helm of the Ducati Panigale V4R EWC bike. 

There is an open bill between the ERC Endurance Ducati squad and the Circuito do Estoril at Lisbon: Last year the team was well placed to score a quality high finish in the race after performing incredibly well during the practice and qualifying sessions. 

However, the race ended just a hand full laps into the 12 hour due to an unlucky crash and a non-reparable Panigale bike. Even though this result was disappointing on paper – it had its pro’s too: The team gained a lot further information not only on track but also on how to further adapt the Ducati Panigale V4R to the recommends of Endurance racing. 

Full motivation after 24 hours chequered flag

The so-far biggest – and most important – success of ERC Endurance Ducati has to be the finish at the 24 heures Motos at Le Mans just a month ago. Despite some two, three issues during the race there, Gines, Masson and Rossi still were able to bring the Panigale bike to the finish line as high as in eights place. 

Qualifying’s for the “12 horas Portugal” will go ahead on Thursday and Friday (15./16. July 2021) with the race to be held on Saturday from 09:00 – 21:00 Local time (BSZ).  

Mathieu Gines:
“I think we can have a good race here at Estoril. The bike worked perfect at Le Mans and we again learned a lot about the Panigale V4R EWC bike. We will try to bring that into this race and also our Crew already came up with some new ideas from what we have experienced at the last round to solve further minor issues. I am confident we can have a good race in Portugal.”

Louis Rossi:
“We are swimming on a high after that real important finish at the 24 heures Motos at Le Mans just a month ago. With this brand new project on the Ducati Panigale V4R in Endurance racing, this was our biggest success so far as we made it through the full distance and saw the finish line after 24 hours for the first time. Portugal calls mixed emotions for myself as we were strong in last year’s practice sessions here, but unfortunately I had a crash right at the beginning from which we would not be able to continue. But this is ticked off now and I am looking forward to the new edition of the 12 horas here at Estoril and for sure will give my everything to make up for last year.”

Etienne Masson:
“I am looking forward to the race at Estoril with our Ducati Panigale V4R. We had a very good race at Le Mans and the team worked perfectly. Our test on Tuesday here was good too, we could again learn a lot about the bike and we had some more support by Ducati. We are working towards the race and I think we can have a good one here too.”